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It’s started already…

Check the date. November 27th. A month until we celebrate the inaccurate birthdate of some guy who got nailed to a tree for telling us that maybe it’d be a good idea to be nice to each other for a change.

I walk into a shop (Gadget Shop in Cardiff to be precise), buy something […]

Still In Nigeria… Just

Heading home tonight. Hopefully the weather won’t turn like it did last night. The rain and wind were so strong that both windows literally had water running down them… on the inside! On the right, the water was streaming down the wall about an inch from the plug for the aircon, which could have got […]

At Last!

Archive now works! After much fiddling with unhelpful setups and paths that just didn’t want to work (along with the system picking up a path to my FTP server which simply isn’t right – no idea how it did that), I’ve finally got it going.

Then I realised that I’ve posted approximately feck all so […]


Big country, very hot, amazing storms when it rains. Yup, stuck here for another week courtesy of work. Thankfully, the people are amazing. Probably the friendliest I’ve ever met outside of Newcastle (not that I’m biased).

Thing is, there’s not a lot to do in the evenings unless you want to hit bars all the […]