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NUFC 0 – 1 Blackburn

Glad I went to Newcastle on what’s apparently going to be the warmest day for at least a week. Temperatures peaking at a balmy 4 degrees was enough to make some of our squad almost break into a sweat…

To be fair, we should have buried Blackburn in the first half. Were it not for […]

Leicester 1 – 1 NUFC

Bit of a round trip, and my first visit to the Walkers Stadium. My first impression is that they don’t want anyone to find it. Not a single signpost (road or path) directs you to it anywhere. Shame, as it’s not bad once you find it. Generic “new stadium” but pleasant enough.

Today’s match was […]


That’s yer lot. Until I get bored with it again. Have to come up with some more crap to spout to fill up the actual log pages with!

Current MP3 playing: Motorhead’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

Getting There

And some people spend Chrimbo buried in turkey, pud and crap cracker jokes. I’ve been slaving over a hot keyboard to try and make this place a little more personal. Just the graphic banner across the top to work on. Shame my graphic design skills leave a little… erm… lot to be desired.

Let’s see […]

Layout Update

Hey folks. I got a bit sidetracked this morning and decided to change the appearance of the blog. I had a nip round the web and found that the Official Spiderman Movie web site had some blog templates for Blogger. So I ripped one off, fiddled with it a bit and used that. The Spidey […]