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Travels Again

In Deal, about 8 miles NE of Dover at the moment. Working for Geest tomorrow with a chap called Gary who got lost on the way here. Nice hotel, although the sound was a little crap on Sky Sports 2 (well done Boro, by the way. But don’t expect an easy second leg) but let’s […]

Bloody Neilson’s

That bit below was all done on Sunday morning. I was due home about 3pm on Sunday. I got home at 5pm on Monday. I’ve missed a garage appointment, a dental appointment, a football match (about to go watch it down the pub despite having a ticket) and a whole day of time. And predominantly […]

Back From Me Jollies

I admit, I was intending on keeping the blog up to date while I was away, but I’ve been either too skint, tired or pissed to bother for most of the week. We went to Pas De La Casa in Andorra and I’m writing this on the last night when I should be packing with […]

Welcome to Wales – We Take Cheques

Another one. I don’t believe this. I’m not going to Wales again. Two trips, three speeding tickets. This one on the A449. If anyone can tell me where the damn camera is (I sure as hell didn’t see one), I’d be most grateful. I think they’ve just got a guy at the side of the […]

I’m a DIP!

Officially, now that I’ve gained enough course credit I can bung “DipComp(Open)” after my name if I so choose. Diploma in Computing from the Open University.

I better be careful. People might start thinking I’m clever.