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Pompey 1 – 1 Toon

First of all, congratulations Middlesbrough. The game pretty much decided in the first few minutes after one goal from open play and a (genuine) penalty. With any luck we’ll still be in the Champion’s League next season, though!

As for our league match… This has to be some kind of record. Another 1-1 away draw. […]

Up The Boro

Yes, it’s a Sunday morning and it’s not even 8am. I’m up and about, clothed, fed and raring to go. In 10 minutes, I’ll be in the car and on my way to Portsmouth for our Premiership fixture. But there’s another match today I’ll be following keenly. Unfortunately, it kicks off an hour before ours, […]

Sex Lives of the Potato Men

This one’s doing the rounds of the tabloids at the moment. Quotes such as “Lottery money wasted on purile filth” and the like. Basically, something just short of £1 million went towards funding this British-made film about a bunch of lads in the Midlands. Who, basically, are after a shag.

It’s got depravity, bad taste, […]

Columbine families sue computer game makers

BBC News – Columbine families sue computer game makers.

Yes, folks. It’s that old chestnut. Not content with suing the parents of the kids who did it (like they’re not devastated enough that their own sons committed the atrocity and then killed themselves), they’re turning on something else completely blameless.

Look. If someone’s screwed up […]

Great Marketable Ideas of Our Time

OK, I get some weird ideas but in case someone else comes up with them and makes a profit I want to publish the thoughts first. So here’s number one in a series of far too many:

Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Tattoos.

I mean, how cool would that be? Alright, I admit for every rose tattoo […]