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Things To Do In The Office When You’re Bored

Yup, another day sat at my desk twiddling my thumbs because I’ve got nothing to do. My job is based on working on site. When I’m not there, I have nothing to do. Yet they still insist I come into the office. Two hour round trip, eight and a half hours at my desk. What’s […]

A Funny Thing Happened At The Doctor’s…

Genuine story from my boss. A couple of years ago, he was living with his dad when a letter from the doctor’s arrived addressed to “Mr Anderson” (for the same of argument – names changed to protect the innocent).

Obviously with them being father and son, they’re both Mr Anderson. Mr Anderson Senior (72 years […]

Speed Cameras… Again

What else in this past week? Oh, yes. Finally got a reply from the police in South Wales along with photographs of “my car” being caught on a speed trap. About 30 miles west of the car park it was sat in at the time the pictures were taken. By what looks like a speed-gun […]

Glasgow Again

Been almost a week since the last update. Apologies for that, but I’ve had company. First of all, congratulations to Elly on passing her driving test on the first attempt. And congratulations again on making her first solo drive one of around 350 miles to come down for a visit. Carradale in Scotland to Bradford. […]

ARGH! Why?!

I get in to work at 8:00am for a day sat doing nothing. Time much better spent at home catching up on the things I can’t do as I spend half my life in hotels. Of course, despite being an IT company, someone thinks it’s a good idea to have staff with broadband connections and […]