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Biter Bit

Cheers to Chris for bringing this one to my attention. I love the way he defends himself saying his driving was safe and then just drops back into the same public relations bullshit he’s been feeding people for far too long now.


OK, you know the way your mind works when you’re in a state of semi-consciousness? The way something just floats into view and synapses just spark, linking old obscure memories together? Then, if you’re really sad you decide just to post them on your blog?

Today’s obscure thread is… segs. Does anyone else remember these? […]

Holy Floating Jesus!

I remembered I wanted to post about this a few days ago but I forgot. I was in Glasgow over the weekend and, as is a bad habit of mine, went into one of those cheap bookshops. Browsing the titles, I saw some amazing action figures hung up.

Now, some of you will have received […]

And it ain’t just the speed cameras

Hull council and Humberside police are even more desparate for your cash if you’re a motorist. Not content with robbing you blind by putting nasty cameras everywhere, they’re inventing novel ways of giving parking fines.

In addition, a lad in the office just got a fine from Croydon. Apparently they caught him on CCTV (or […]

Operation Magpie

Newcastle city centre today underwent a simulated “terror alert“, being the first British city outside of London to undertake such a thing. The official reason, though unannounced, is in case a sudden gale appears and blows some of the smog from Middlesbrough too far north and we have to deal with its effects.