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Your Horoscope For The Day

Cancer: You will find that, though tasty, any milk-based product will cause you to come out in hives. Avoid those who say “-ish” at the end of words, especially those who leave a pregnant pause beforehand. The fall of Leo into the house of Capricorn will also result in a change of fortune, but not […]

More Office Meanderings

OK, so I’m stuck in the office all day again. Well, until 2:00 when I have to shoot off for an optician’s appointment. How convenient. Once more I’m left with not a lot to do and need to fill the hours. So on to today’s Way To Waste Office Time:

Signs that show me I’m […]

BNP – politicians or racist scum?

OK, I know the poor people in the BNP get a bad name, being linked with Combat-18 and other thuggish scum. I know that the BNP proper is a motivated plitical-only group aiming to do the right things for this country in their own way. I know that they’re not interested in inciting racial hatred […]

Pics As Promised

I’ve just uploaded a few more pictures to Fotopic. The album’s “awaiting approval” as I type, but should be available to view shortly. So if you have any interest in seeing my self-built model car collection (for some reason), you know where to go.

More pictures

I’ve rejigged the galleries due to some technical issues. As a side-effect, all the ones of Louise are currently down but will be replaced. It’s all football, at the moment, but have a shufty at Fotopic for the ones I do have up.

Many more coming soon as I go through the stuff on my […]