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I shouldn’t always be so cheap

I’ve just found out the hard way that Morrison‘s own brand “Invigorating Shaving Gel” smells uncannily like Toilet Duck. I suppose at least if I walk past someone nice they’ll think I have a hygienic lavatory. Which can’t be all bad.

Welsh people take note

Sheep are learning to conquer cattle grids, probably in a bid to escape rampaging Welshmen. Or get food. But the former’s more stereotypical and therefore funnier.

How To Name Your Child

Japanese kids can be called Buttocks or Prostitute, apparently. Or one of umpteen other names, though it seems they’ve revoked Cancer, Rape and Excrement as options.

Hmmm… Excrement Smith. Buttocks Robinson. Vagina-Leigh Wilson.

Actually, it reminds me of an old episode of The Young Ones:

RICK: [fakes laughter] Ha ha ha! No, I was wondering […]

Tracking the Way We Use Language

Wordcount is definitely worth a gander for two reasons.

1) It looks really cool

2) You can find out that “shit” (position 4499 out of 86800) is used more often in the English language than “fuck” (5598), or that “war” (304) is more common than “god” (376) or “peace” (1155).


Handful of links

OK, first off, if anyone really really loves me… and is very rich… could they please buy me this little item from eBay? Thank you.

A few from Ananova now. I always thought… hell. We all know the Japanese are weird. I mean that with the utmost respect for a nation with a wonderful and […]