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Back from Leeds and stuff

First off, toerag from the other night isn’t parked in the driveway. Her “ex” was and has moved to the street. And there are two other wide-boy, body-kitted, clapped-out pieces of shit there now. Tempted to mention that I’d told the guy she was shagging the other night not to park there and I kind […]

Away for a bit

I’m off to Leeds festival for the next couple of days so don’t expect an update before Sunday night at the earliest. In the meantime, some waffle. Are you sitting comfortable? Then I’ll begin…

I am A Shit Brick .

The Shit brick is usually the kinda person that doesn’t like doing much. Turning down […]

Radcliffe, Yanks and noisy neighbours no more!

Can’t stay on long as I’m on a hotel dialup. A little expensive, but a few things to add. In case he reads this, thanks to Adam and Lorraine for the bed last night. Your company and crash space much appreciated! Oh, and that cat that wanders in once in a while is so cute!


Old work story

I know a few of you won’t have heard this story before and I was reminded of it today, so… Don’t worry, it’s not that technical and geeky!

I used to work for a company in Leeds which did hardware and software installs. One of our consultants – let’s call him Andy, as that’s his […]

A day at the office

Hell’s bollocks, I’m bored. Once again sat in an office with nothing to do except coursework… which I can’t do because I’m sat in the office. I have today discovered that we’re now going cheap on toilet paper. Gone is the comfy Charmin Ultra. In its place is some evil stuff with a pattern on […]