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Beer + irony

I was supping a couple of bottle of Dog (not “Bud”, not “what?!” – both of which are common mistaken identities courtesy of uneducated barstaff) while watching Newcastle shove five past Israel United FC when I noticed a logo on the back of the bottle I’d not seen before: “Protected Geographical Indication”.

Using the power […]

Braids are for poufs

Hey, don’t blame me. I’m just forwarding on the message sent out by the Nigerian football authorities, as reported by this story from Ananova.

They state that “the braiding of hair and ear-rings have a sense of homosexuality”. Only because narrow-minded bible-bashing freaks like yourselves are perpetuating such a myth.

Why don’t they try and […]

Comments on the news and a weird kitty

Cat first. Thanks for the comments on snips, jabs and other stuff. They’re all things I’d already thought about but as she/he/it isn’t technically mine, they’ll have to wait until I’ve spoken to Mr and Mrs Missing Link.

Her (we’re sticking to “her” for the moment) appetite does worry me, as the Kit-e-Kat tin says […]

Pointless headlines

Another cracker courtesy of BBC News’ desktop ticker thing this morning:

“Brown focuses on economy”

Well, seeing as he’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer, one would bloody hope so. It’s his sodding job. What next? “Police focus on crime”? “Jensen Button focuses on driving very fast”? “Sunderland focus on being shit”?


Just in case…

I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. And anyway, it was an accident.