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Unwanted work colleagues

A fat heifer. Yesterday.

This is an offshoot of today’s Scaryduck Vote-Winning Story-A-Thon. Scary’s tale of a useless, loud-mouthed office heifer reminded me of someone who left our employ about 6 months ago.

Let’s call her… Lisa. Not to be confused with the other two Lisas here, one of whom departed of her […]

Is it coincidence…

…that the most common 3-letter word that appears on British car numberplates is “CUM”? I’ve seen a few “HUG”s and one or two other words once or twice, but “CUM” on numberplaces seems to be alarmingly common.

They are out to get you

This journal entry should scare the hell out of any American who reckons they actually have free speech. Isn’t it nice to know that if you post an opinion on a public forum and someone else then posts a follow-up deemed as “threatening” to the monkey that runs your country, you can get a visit […]

Mistaking the headlines again

It says a lot about my opinion of western politics when I see the headline ‘Warlord’ denies torture charges and the first person I think of is Dubya.

I heard last night that five British Muslims who were held at Camp X-Ray are suing the US Govt for £5.5million each. There are various charges – […]

How come…

…my can of apple Tango has a warning that it is part of a multipack and not for individual sale, yet has a price of 42p printed on the can right next to that warning?