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Overdue announcement

I should have mentioned this a few days ago, but a self-induced semi-exile to work on my last coursework has meant that I didn’t get round to it.

Congratulations, please, to Sharon – she became an auntie for the first time late last week. Her brother’s other half finally got bored clenching and dropped a […]

Spam the spammers

BBC News reports that Lycos have created a screensaver that tackles spam websites. The news article describes how it works, but I urge anyone, especially with a broadband connection, to head directly to Make Love Not Spam and nab the screen saver now.

As of this evening, I’ll have it running on three PCs. There […]

Spare Blink-182 ticket for sale

eBay item 2289787221 (Ends 01-Dec-04 19:13:36 GMT) – Blink 182 Ticket Newcastle Dec 2nd STANDING

It’s sold. Some guy emailed me direct via eBay. His mate’s a fan, I just want the face value of the ticket plus maybe a couple of quid for the booking fee. Everyone’s happy. Yay.

Just need to arrange where […]

City demands ‘anti-gay’ music ban – and a new poll

I have to confess that this story worries me somewhat. While I am most definitely not anti-gay (more gay men = more women for me, and lesbians are always good to watch), you have to wonder where something like this will stop.

Now, I appreciate that “Elephant Man” should be pilloried, called an arse, kicked […]

Root beer poll results

The bugger’s back. Thank you for your patience (like you had a choice) and I hope to make up for it with a few posts between tonight and tomorrow. Don’t want to spoil you all at once.

First off, the results of the Root Beer Poll which I’m just about to close. In summary, you’re […]