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Hayseed Dixie rock!

OK, I don’t often go on about the gigs I go to much, except to say whether I enjoyed them or not. I’m going to make an exception because I saw a band last night who really deserve as much publicity as they can get.

The aforementioned Hayseed Dixie are a 4-piece playing predominantly cover […]

Spyware authors must die

I get two days off a week – Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays are my "get stuff done" days, Sundays my "chill if I have time" days.

This week, I spent 1 hour and 20 minutes on Thursday night clearing spyware off a mate’s PC. This Sunday, at about 11:00, some malignant evil spyware program trolleyed […]

I am a programming god

As a quick disclaimer, the above isn’t true. But the feeling of euphoria I got earlier today made me think so. Briefly. Story…

I got "tested" at work today. It was actually subtler than was first apparent and for any of you toying with looking for work soon, it’s worth reading through. Boss Man (Roy) […]

Make-up time

I’ve got a few posts to bang up here after being away for a long weekend. I’ll start with a short email that Joe got from a mate after Liverpool got kicked out of the cup by Burnley:

"I’m going to the Tsunami concert on Saturday so I can’t make the Cardiff – Burnley game.


Monday is gigday

We had tickets for Napalm Death at the Camden Underworld on Monday night. Actually, we had the first two tickets. In the meantime, Amy had half a day of college and I had to wander in to London. No real reason other than I felt like it. Public transport be damned, I walked it.

I […]