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Good causes

Another serious one, folks. I’ll very shortly be making an update to the look of the blog and filling up that blank space down the right. I’ve had ideas about what to shove down there for a while (adverts, silly big logos, etc), but an email I got today’s prompted me to think that there […]

ASBO for suicide attemptee

OK, this one really beggars belief. Police have slapped an ASBO on a suicide attemptee.

Am I being a bit naive, or is threatening someone with jail time when they’re aim is to fucking kill themself a little bit bloody pointless? In a bid to prevent her "upsetting people", this woman has been banned from […]

Letter writing campaign

OK, folks. I called KFC’s head office today and got their address. It’s bizarre. You ring them and a nice receptionist puts you through to their “address line” which is basically a recorded message. Why they don’t just put the thing on their web page, I don’t know.Anyway, please – if you hate that fucking […]

Health food

Does it count as being healthy if you leave the gherkins on your Big Mac to get the vitamins?


A friend of mine has just pissed me off. I’m stuck in the office and I get an email saying "See ya later – I’m off for a jacuzzi&quot. Git. Sorry – I’m not allowed to call them that. Bitch.

Jacuzzis are a great idea. They seem expensive at first, but when you work out […]