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Another response – and a (kind of) result

Doc manages an appointment… of sorts

I got a letter from the doc’s today. First off, here’s the details:

We are in receipt of your complaint you have made regarding our appointment system. The doctors feel it would be beneficial if we could arrange a meeting to discuss your comments. A meeting has been scheduled […]

Something serious, something… scary

Evil spyware bastards

Part rant, part help. I spent almost four hours last night clearing one virus and countless bits of spyware off two PCs at Caz’s house. I’m not going to have a go at her or her folks, but the setup was sadly typical of so many PCs I encounter – no spyware […]

Ooh, it’s Monday. No it isn’t…

Not a bad long weekend

I got a fair bit done over Easter. Mainly tidying the house out, clearing things away and some chucking out of old kit. Including a massive full tower case housing a Pentium-100 based system with a whopping 2Gb hard drive. Woo.

Mind you, I hoiked the memory out of it […]

Pre-emptive day off

Anyone else here who’d chance a frozen rhubarb crumble with a best before days of "End Jan 2003"? No worries. It’s a bank holiday tomorrow anyway so if I get the shits it won’t mean time off work.

I’ve done OK this bank holiday. I did mow the lawn. Just. My lawnmower is a hand-me-down […]

Funtwits at the cinema. And something about hair

I’ve probably had a go at wankers like this before, but hey. It’s certainly not a patch on the scummy travellers (and the useless council) who made Colin‘s life a misery at the end of last week, but it’s still bloody annoying.

I popped out to see Constantine at the Showcase in Leeds tonight. I […]