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And in today’s news…


Ha! No, not a musical reference (which would have been tenuous anyway becuse they fucking weren’t) but rather the state of my shower. I’d like to say my mammoth strength caused the unit to be ripped away from the wall effortlessly, or that I’d been shagging a supermodel in it and accidentally smashed the […]

Prague – part four (the untitled sequel)

Back into our favourite dingy bar. By “favourite” I mean “within 5 seconds walk of the hotel”. It turns out a few of the lads had a problem getting back into their room as the key they got was faulty and the lock jammed. They spent two hours watching some random Czech dude trying to […]

More (mis)adventures… and resigned suffering

Prague – part three (Return Of The Stag Party)

Amazingly, I didn’t wake up with a hangover. In fact, I was fairly chipper and was down for brekkie (in the original bar) by not long after 9:00. The weather was already glorious – predictions were for a high of almost 30 degree, which it came […]

Prague – part two (The Stag Party Strikes Back)

OK, so we’d got to the hotel. Just. Bones shaken, internal organs rearranged and foreign nationals insulted.

First impressions were mixed. It was nice to see our security being a concern, but to find a big iron jailcell-style barred door blocking the entrance hallway was somewhat intimidating. I guess they also have different fire regulations […]

Liverpool win FA Cup

Well, that’s what the guy covering the match for the ITV news bulletin said afterwards. I’d like to congratulate them on winning both this and the “proper” European Cup for the fifth time. On the same night. Impressive!

Prague stuff can wait for tomorrow. Tonight is for the red half of Liverpool. And for […]