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Mmm. Not crunchy

For the first time since getting back from Graspop, I’ve been able to dig out a bogie and chomp on it without it crunching. I have finally gotten all the sodding dust out of my nostrils.

Time for a slimey green snack.

Scotland, I salute you

As well as giving is the Beano and Dandy, […]

The Graspop diaries


Woo, what a trip. OK, I’m sure Dawn’ll correct me if I miss anything out so I’ll ramble on about how good it was and how it wasn’t flooded out like Glastonbury and stuff.

It’s quite a drive down to Dawn’s and I was late setting off (for a change – utterly unlike me). […]

It’s (not) good to be back

OK, you all missed me. That’s understandable. I’d miss me as well. Full details of the weekends escapades will be on this blog tomorrow (world exclusive and all that). Partly as I’m knackered and partly as it’ll give me something to do in the office for half an hour or so.

One thing I will […]

Byeeeee (again)

GMM 10th Anniversary Ticket

Well, folks, this is your lot for a few days. Tomorrow morning, I drive down to Dawn’s and we panic trying to figure out how to split no more than 30kg of camping equipment and strong alcohol between us (silly Ryanair luggage limits). Then, off to Belgium via Holland.

I’ll […]

Counting down now

Not long to go before Graspop now. Got the tickets, flights, insurance, car parking, coach bookings and hotel (one night only) sorted. Tent borrowed (thanks, Caz!), rucksack dusted off, camera charged up, currency converted.

OOOOOOOHHHH, roll on Thursday.

Kitty fiddling

Sharon popped round earlier. Her shower is shafted at the moment (retiling going on courtesy […]