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Friday – at fucking last

Trouble with wind

Has someone on the news got mixed up with their “before” and “after” pictures after Birmingham’s cyclone (or whatever it was classed as)? I’m seeing areas with broken windows, knocked down walls, damaged doors and so on.

Basically, just like every council estate I’ve ever seen in Birmingham or anywhere else. The […]

Natural predator

It’s fairly well known that as you go up the food chain, every animal has its own natural predator – a creature that more often then not is the one that kills and eats the species beneath it. Usually, we’re up the top somewhere hacking and slashing and killing anything, squishing it into patties and […]

Printer problems

As mentioned, tonight’s one of those “rush” days cos of coursework and stuff. I’ve driven to London and back to fix a printer. This involved the most basic of technical terms:


Page 24 of the Dell 3000cn’s, to be precise. The one that tells you exactly how to do it and which I did […]


Another night watching a bunch of inbred yokels rattle their way through bluegrass country and heavy metal covers while drinking beer. Class!

Although before I go on about Hayseed Dixie, a word about the opening act. We got there quite early as Mike knackered his ankle a while ago and is on crutched. The Cockpit […]

Back for a bit

I’m approaching a coursework deadline and am busy for a few nights over the next week or two, so I’ll likely be missing a couple of days on here. I’ll try and post some of the back-dated archive crap I’ve been storing away, though.

One Wedding…

This weekend past I have mostly been getting pissed, […]