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The weekend… almost… there…

A thrill a minute

Today I have mostly been copying files from one server to another over a ropey connection. Who needs TV when you have the “little blue bar”? GASP as it moves one more pixel to the right after 5 minutes, HOLD YOUR BREATH as it seems to have stopped, GROAN as the […]

How fucking pointless?!

An 11 year old has been banned from driving for a year… despite not legally being allowed to drive anyway. I mean, that’s like banning a 5 year-old from brothels for a year. Or saying that George W Bush isn’t allowed to sit MENSA exams. It’s more pointless than a box of snapped pencils.

To […]

Mail and silly women

Royal Mail in “are shit” (again) shocker

OK, on the 23rd, someone attempted to deliver a package. Now, several points. The little card says they tried to do this at 10:30. This is shit, as Sarah was in then. Secondly, they’ve ticket the box that says “too big for your letterbox”. This is also shit, […]

Out of date news. Olds, then.


OK, y’all. Now I’ve finished my coursework (woo) and have a little bit more spare time, here’s a bit of a catch up on what’s going on in my life.

I’m still incredibly busy. I have a new housemate (Sarah) who I’ve known a couple of years. She used to share with a couple […]


Now for the hard part

As of 3:03 this morning I have no more coursework to do. That’s when I submitted my last assignment.

OK, I resubmitted it at 10:00 after a work colleague recommended re-doing the conclusion, but it’s in and done. No more coursework. This is going to be weird.

The worst part […]