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I am ashamed

I am a bad boy. I did some DIY this afternoon (huge thanks to Steve for his help) and around halfway through the 2 hours’ slog, arsefuck had his stereo whacked up to near Disaster Area volumes.

Fine, I thought, we’ve been hammering away since midday. I’m not going to whinge now.

Come 2:00 and […]

Whoops. Missed one.

Ah, yes. Sorry about that. I didn’t get in till stupidly late from the footie last night so I kinda forgot to post anything. My interwebnet connection was shite anyway, though it’s miraculously sorted now.

I popped into Tesco at lunchtime today. Every single one of the little plastic dividers on the conveyor belt had […]

Oh bugger, it’s only Tuesday

Don’t fuck with the family

Just read another headline on the BBC News site – “Extortion trial of son of Mafia godfather ends in hung jury”.

Isn’t that a bit fucking harsh? I thought they just bribed them or threatened their kids. Isn’t there a retrial if the entire jury is lynched?


Many’s the […]

Comments fixed

Haloscan activated a beta feature earlier today that basically classed every comment as spam and binned it… I’ve deactivated this option so you can now post away again!

To all Sunderland fans

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You’re all fucking shit!