Another thank you

Someone deserves a post of their own tonight, and that person is JanetyJanet who managed to get a smile (and almost a tear in the eye) of this upset and downbeaten person of the last week.

Janet – THANK YOU. You didn’t have to, shouldn’t have and all that bollocks. But you did and for that I’m incredibly grateful!

*gives JJ a big squooshy hug while he hopes nobody is looking*

And I owe your a pint or three!

Hopefully back to my acerbic and bitter (i.e. more normal) self tomorrow.


This has to rate as one of the sickest things I’ve witnessed this year. We all know that KK has long hair and I’ve mentioned in the past about the huge tagnuts and winnets that result because (as she’s a cat) she can’t wipe properly.

Well last week she had the shits. Big time. Soft, sticky, gloopy, grey-ish brown squits.

Most of her back end is white. Last week it was a kinf of muddy brown. And when she wasn’t shitting, she was farting. Squelchy, wet-sounding ones that you knew were resulting in another drip or two of liquishit dribbling from her little kittykat arsehole.

Worse is to come.

On several occasions I watched her, half on her back, leg cocked in the air licking the shit out of her coat. And while her head was buried around her little puckered starfish, letting rip with one of these disgusting kitty-farts. In her own face. And not stopping licking.

And I thought dogs were meant to be disgusting.

The story so far

OK, I spoke to Dean this evening. He’s spoken to Cunt’s mother, but I don’t think he’s been to the letting agent.

Now, it seems that Mrs Cunt (no offense to her as she seems quite nice, just I don’t know her name so…) is starting to finally believe what I’ve been saying. When Dean mentioned that most of the hassle seems to have been the result of certain visitors, she asked who. She was then given a description of the little scrote who threatened me.


Apparently one of the reasons they moved Cunt out of where they were and into another area was to get him away from this twat. That friendship, apparently, was over. Because that makes so much sense. If you don’t want your son to do something under your own roof where you can watch him, pack him off about 5 miles away into a house of his very own where he’ll definitely not do anything naughty at all, oh no.

Stupid cow. Again, I’m sure she’s nice and lovely and everything but howay. How bloody daft can you be?

Now, Dean reckons if I can prove that he’sdoing drugs next door, she’ll likely pack him up and shift him out herself. Thing is, that’s about the only thing that’s liable to end the 12-month tenancy early.

The contract is tighter than a gnat’s chuff. And it seems to favour one person and one person only – the letting agent. The homeowner can’t evict anyone, as he’s tied to the contract as well. There are clauses such as “no pets” etc etc, but Dean was incredibly vague about things when I mentioned that. If there are clauses, then how the hell do they action them? They’re not allowed to disturb the neighbours… yet when they do, the letting agent chooses to ignore it. No dogs, ignores it. No drugs, ignores it.

The only way they have of getting feedback is from neighbours as they certainly don’t check themselves. Thing is, they ignore the neighbours (or simply hang the fucking phone up on them, the ignorant bastards) so there’re no way they could find anything out.

So. Stalemate. What I’m going to do is charge the video camera up and keep it handy. Any more noise, I’ll tape it. Any appearances from the bug-eyed freak, I’ll video it. Anyone else in my fucking garden, recorded. If what it takes is to spy on him, then I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. I’ve got his mother’s number, so if I get enough to prove that his little cock of a friend’s been over, then I’ll show her and let the sparks fly.

Other thing is he’s on a 12-month lease which Dean can opt not to extend. Thing is, I can’t remember when cunt moved in. I don’t think it’s much past new year though. But we’re back in the same situation. He’s gotten away with being a selfish, unruly, pikey fuckwit again.


I guess there may be more updates. *sigh* I’m off to fill in the forms the council sent regarding the noise. Again.

Another update

Police have been round. Their hands are tied as far as kicking him out are
concerned as it’s a private tenant, not council. However, they’ve taken on
board the threats and anti-social behaviour and have been round to have a word
with him.

The warnings are simple: any noise or disturbances late on, I’m to ring them
on 999 and report it asking for immediate attendance as I’ve been threatened
when I’ve gone round before. If they police turn up and it’s noisy… night in
the cells. If they’re abusive or threatening… cells. If they smell anything
druggy… cells.

In addition, Dean’s certainly sounding like he’s going to get the letting
agency to turf them out as well. My only concern is repurcussions, but given
that the chav next door knows I can find out his parents address and therefore
track him down I’m not as worried as I could be.

Fingers crossed, people. The sooner he’s out, the sooner I go back to stupid, disgusting posts instead of whinges about chavs.


For those I’ve not spoken to (and I can’t recall if this is in the blog), I went to work on Friday having had 2 hours of sleep. The music was on till 4am. And was replaced by a dog barking like mad for almost an hour as it was locked in his front room.

I picked up a colleague at 7:40, and started to tell him what had happened. At which point I just flipped. I punched the steering wheel repeatedly, swerved at the kerb and hammered the anchors on before stalling the car and then just broke down. Fizz had to drive me into work where my boss immediately told me I looked like crap. Once I explained why, he told me to hand all my work off and go home.

I refused.

The last place I wanted to be was in my own home. I worked an entire day on 2 hours’ sleep. I dreaded 4:30 and hometime, but went as I was expecting the police to arrive after 5. They didn’t *sigh*. Will be here on Sunday before midday.

The guy who owns the house called me this evening. I think I’ve convinced him that I’ll settle for no less than eviction. I don’t care it it’s 4 times a week or twice a month. Fact is, I shouldn’t have to put up with noise, threats and chavs pissing on my back door. He’s had warning after warning and now he seems to think he can just get away with it as nothing’s been done as a result.

We’ll see what comes when he talks to the useless workshy fucking cunt of a letting agent on Monday.

In the meantime, thank you to all of you. SFG for your copious documentation, Damo for offering to have him fucked over, Dawn for just being great and everyone else. A couple have said they wish they could do more – no need. Just your replies (and calls) have really helped.

Again, thank you. And of course I’ll keep you all updated.