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Another thank you

Someone deserves a post of their own tonight, and that person is JanetyJanet who managed to get a smile (and almost a tear in the eye) of this upset and downbeaten person of the last week.

Janet – THANK YOU. You didn’t have to, shouldn’t have and all that bollocks. But you did and for […]


This has to rate as one of the sickest things I’ve witnessed this year. We all know that KK has long hair and I’ve mentioned in the past about the huge tagnuts and winnets that result because (as she’s a cat) she can’t wipe properly.

Well last week she had the shits. Big time. Soft, […]

The story so far

OK, I spoke to Dean this evening. He’s spoken to Cunt’s mother, but I don’t think he’s been to the letting agent.

Now, it seems that Mrs Cunt (no offense to her as she seems quite nice, just I don’t know her name so…) is starting to finally believe what I’ve been saying. When Dean […]

Another update

Police have been round. Their hands are tied as far as kicking him out are concerned as it’s a private tenant, not council. However, they’ve taken on board the threats and anti-social behaviour and have been round to have a word with him.

The warnings are simple: any noise or disturbances late on, I’m to […]


For those I’ve not spoken to (and I can’t recall if this is in the blog), I went to work on Friday having had 2 hours of sleep. The music was on till 4am. And was replaced by a dog barking like mad for almost an hour as it was locked in his front room.