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Ooh – nice try

Well, at least this bull got two of the bastards. And it went for the expensive seats. RIP, hero to the animal world.

Anyone got the address of the cunt with the sword who killed the poor thing?

Geek rant

Why do sales people try to get themselves involved in tech support?

We have a new site up on the middle of nowhere in Scotland (which is pretty much anywhere except Glasgow or Edinburgh, to be honest) who have a “server”. The quotes are there because it’s a fucking Windows 98 machine with virtual bloody […]

Festive cheer? I didn’t have any a month ago

I popped into Tesco at lunchtime and they had one of those whacking big “product recall” notices up. This one was for xmas lights.

The first line of the “What to do” section read:

Stop using these lights immediately

Can I point out that at the time of writing, it’s January the 13th. Anyone still […]

All you need is some beer

DIY pub quiz. Today’s specialist subject: MEEETAAAAALLLLL!!!!

Pop your answers in the comments. Try not to cheat and look at anyone else’s. I’ll put the answers up towards the end of the week.

1) Which seminal heavy metal band includes guitarists KK Downing and Glen Tipton?

2) Jon Bon Jovi’s first recorded vocals were on […]

I am a lazy bastard

I pinched this off Damo’s blog:

Seven Things to do before I die1. Visit Japan2. Get married / have kids3. Work for myself4. Learn another language well enough to visit a country and only speak the native tongue for 3 days5. Drive an Aston Martin6. Score in a competitive football match – Sunday League would […]