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Pat Pong, ping pong and lucky numbers

As those reading my other blog may be aware, I visited Pat Pong a couple of weeks ago. This is the are of Bangkok with the… “interesting” floorshows. Where women fire darts from their twats and the like. Entertainment for all the family. If the family’s the Mansons.

One “trick” we endured was a girl […]

St Paddy’s Day… slightly delayed

Those reading my other blog will know I witnessed three St Paddy’s Day events. One in London a week early, one on the night in Bangkok and one a week later at a posh dinner/dance, also in Bangkok. So, basically, they can’t even get the sodding date right.

Essentially, it’s an excuse for Americans to […]

Tolerance? Someone buy this twat a dictionary

Afghan on trial for Christianity screams the headline. Basically, some Afghan who dropped Islam in preference for Christianity is up on trial at the moment.

If he repents, and reconverts then that’s OK because: “We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance. We will ask him if he has […]

It’s Ok to offend religion… as long as it’s not mine

Isaac Hayes has quit his role as Chef in South Park. A year ago he joked that nobody should be offended by the program’s jokes about Jews, Mormons, Christians, Muslims, etc etc etc. And he’s right. They don’t pick on anyone in particular. It’s not a vendetta.

Only they recently picked on Scientology. And Hayes […]

Last day lunches

Today for lunch I had a fresh pear, a Shape low-fat yoghurt and… erm… 3 pints of beer.

Bollocks. It’s my last day. Apparently this is the first “last day lunch” anyone’s been to where the “leav-ee” hasn’t had to dig into their own pocket for beverages. I assume one of two things:

a) they […]