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Slight misunderstanding

If you manage to convince your girlfriend to shave herself “down below”, only she complains that it makes her feel like a 6 year old – do not then suggest that you could go out and kidnap one for her. Trust me, that’s not what she means.

About fucking time

A prominent member of the catholic church today has announced that condoms should be used – though only by married couples where one partner has AIDS.

This coming from the same church who’s missionaries regularly tell Africans that condoms promote the spread of AIDS and advise totally against their use. So I guess that all […]


OK, so I didn’t get to see the match live. OK, so we realistically played like shit. And OK, so they succeeded in bringing on dirty Argie cunt Arca purely with the purpose of crocking Shearer.

But so what? Despite having no pace and being soundly shoved about in the first half, we still beat […]

Goths ‘more likely to self-harm’ – no fucking shit

Can you believe yet another group has been given a ton of money to conduct a pointless study? This one has come to the conclusion that Goths are more likely to self-harm. Wow. Steps back in amazement.

We’re talking about kids of an emotionally vulnerable age who wear black clothing, white make-up and shuffle around […]

Shut the fuck up you inbred ginger wankers

You’d think the world was ending. Or someone was trying to import cocaine in a “buy one ounce get one free” frenzy, but no it’s simply a ferry sailing on a Sunday.

To the pathetic, selfish fuckers who signed the petition and strung tape up to try and stop an umpteen-ton sailing vessel – fuck […]