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Barclays = still shite

Following on from this older post, I’ve been having even more “fun” with this crap-awful excuse for a financial organisation. No, not organisation. “Organisation” implies organisation i.e. that they’re organised. And they sure as fuck aren’t.

Before I left the UK I rang them up to change my address to that of my folks. Same […]

Random gubbins about me

I pinched this one from Damo’s blog.

4 jobs I have had in my life1 – Implementations Consultant (helpdesk geek)2 – Technical Account Manager (helpdesk geek)3 – Support technician (helpdesk geek)4 – Support consultant (helpdesk geek with a car)

4 films I can watch over and over

1 – Blade2 – Aliens3 – Star Wars […]

Oh, Lordi!

For the first time ever I wish I’d watched a Eurovision Song Contest final after Lordi won this year’s. A Finnish death metal (ish) band winning the most banal, dull, political music competition going. Not the most pointless – that’s the industry-voted Brits where the bands that the companies want to do well next year […]

Told you he was a cunt

Naseem Hamed (a guy who gets paid millions for beating other guys up) has been jailed for dangerous driving. Funnily enough, every time I’ve seen the guy on TV I’ve thought “egotistical prick”.

Lo and behold… I’m right. Overtaking over a solid white line in front of a dip in the road and head on […]

Reasons for neutering children

Chav culture has struck again as an eleven year old is about to give birth in Scotland. The father’s 15 (and probably a coke-head) and the girl’s mother is proud of her for keeping the kid. The only thing I can think of her being proud about is the increase in income support their little […]