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Barclays – utter shite

In the post today to the cunts at Barclays:

Dear customer service people,

With immediate effect can you please close the above listed account. Since opening it, Barclays have proven themselves to be the most pathetic, useless, unreliable, mistake-ridden excuse for a banking organisation I have ever had the severe misfortune to deal with. In […]

You’ll believe a man can fly

Superman Returns flyer

When did the first Superman film come out? 1979 or thereabouts? I seem to recall being 6 or 7, running round the playground with my jacket buttoned round the neck like a cape, arm in front of me. Those days flooded back this afternoon when we saw Superman Returns on the […]

Bollocks, have you

“I proved critics wrong – Beckham” screams the headline of the BBC article. “Shite” I scream back in reply.

Beckham’s been fucking useless this tournament. Come on, he takes every single free kick that has a chance of going goalwards. I’d make a guess that this tops 30 dead-ball shots he’s had in 4 games. […]

Going… going…

Got this mail from Dean, who owns the house next door:

“I thought I’d let you know, I have officially requested that the tenancyagreement for No.17 not to be extended. I’ve been told that they will beleaving within 2 months.

That’s before I heard about the Police visit!

Sorry again for the trouble it’s caused, […]

Worst Company Ever

Yup, even worse than the Post Office (at least it’s free to ring or write them to complain). Yes, folks, it’s Barclays again.

In our last exciting installment, we left our hero stranded in New Zealand with virtually fuck all cash. He had been requested to send a letter to get his address changed and […]