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Barclays – result!


… sincere apologies for the standard of customer service … clearly fallen short of the standards … very disappointed with the service you have received from Barclays … sorry we did not action your requests …

I have closed your current account … enclosed a cheque for £50 …

The rest’s all more apologies […]

Got the fuckers

Two “men” jailed for raping children have been recaptured in Usk, Wales, after walking out of an open prison.

Great that they caught the bastards. But would someone kindly explain to my what the fuck these cunts were doing in an open prison in the first place? Surely they should be in a secure one […]

More about Lordi

I was having a discussion over a bowl of noodle soup last night about Lordi and about how they were the best thing ever to happen to the Eurovision song contest. The other person disagreed, but she was wrong.

Anyway, I still hadn’t seen their actual live performance in the final so I did a […]

Skype? Useless bunch of cunts, more like

Long story short:

Set up Skype account. Added credit using credit/debit card. Worked just fine and dandt. Great service.

Credit ran low. Went to top it up. Two attempts ended in seeming success… using Bank Transfer (credit card no longer allowed for some reason never adequately explained) but no conformation. Third attempt, payment is “pending” […]

Save The Gorilla

As part of my World Trip thingy, I’m trying to raise a bit of awareness about other cultures and also about animals – in particular those that are endangered. In NZ, I’ve seen kiwi. In Thailand, I worked with tigers. I hope to get to Indonesia and see the Komodo Dragon. And when I return […]