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Thoughts for the Hamster

Many of you will already be aware that Top Gear presenter Ricard Hammond is in a serious condition in hospital following a very high-speed crash. Slightly less known is that a charity donation page has been set up for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance who airlifted him to hospital.

The news article mentions it right at […]

Dib dib dib

My cousin in Brisbane told me this story and it’s about a friend of her’s from back home in Scotland. Names changed to protect the fact that I can’t remember them.

This lady, let’s call her Fiona, is a single mum who’s son… erm… Andrew, is seven. One weekend, Andrew is taken on a cub […]

Not good

Sorry for the lack of posts recently and there won’t be many for a while yet. I’m still in Auckland and the bad news is that Lou and I have parted ways. As a result, I’m completely heartbroken and I’m really not up to blogging. Or much else, to be honest. I hope the two […]

Another win

I got some emails from some old work colleages recently saying that Acer had been in touch trying to locate the TFT screen they mis-delivered to the wrong address.

It also seems the couldn’t find it. According to an email from my dad, “Looks like you are now the proud owner of a brand new […]

‘It’s Murder, Not Hunting’

The headline of this article says it all. Rich cowards from the west are heading to Russia and paying £1500 a pop to head into the woods. During their trip, a dog is sent into a cave to wake a hibernating bear. The weak, defenceless ursine staggers from its rest and is shot from a […]