Steve Irwin on South Park

Frankly, I’m disgusted about this. How come someone as mad as Steve Irwin had to cark it before South Park decided to take the piss out of him? There was plenty to poke fun at when the mentalist was still breathing.

Regardless, and unsurprisingly, there’s a huge TV outcry over here with networks “undecided” as to whether they’ll show the offending episode next year and none of the news programs prepared to show the clip. Having said that, it was refreshing to see one presenter simply say “if you think you won’t like it… just don’t watch it” instead of joining in the Parker/Stone witch-hunt.

Being ridiculed on South Park is like making a guest appearance on The Simpsons. It’s an honour. You’re famous enough that people know you and want to take you down a peg. Steve Irwin is now up there with Mel Gibson, Barbara Streisand, Sadam Hussein and Satan himself. Surely a better legacy than a crappy zoo?

(Before you go sending me poison-soaked boomarangs and stuff in the mail, check out my earlier post about his death. And develop a sense of humour)

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Almost a month. Sorry about that.

I have my reasons for not posting, folks. Essentially, they boil down to “I don’t feel like it”. Simply, I just don’t have the urge, the mood, the sense of humour or the outlook on life I did a couple of months ago. I’m depressed, basically. Very much so.

For updates on what’s going on, read the Travel Blog. For entertaining, uplifting shenanigans read Scaryduck. Frankly, right now I’m so down it’s not worth checking here for a bit. I hope to work my way out of things but I’m really just not happy with life – and I’m in a foreign country learning to SCUBA. That’s how down I am.

If you can be arsed, dig out the lyrics to Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. That’s me, that is.