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A wonderful email

Today I received one of the nicest emails ever. I wasn’t sure what it was about at first, but something tickled at the memory bells and I had a dig through the archives to find this post.

It’s almost four years since this young man’s life was taken from his family. He never got to […]

Greedy bastards after more money

What a surprise. Sports agencies and companies that are worth a mint are crying and blowing bubbles into their milk as some people are getting to watch the overpaid sports stars for free, courtesy of Satan’s own child the internet.Boo fucking hoo.Now, I’ve not used the web to watch anything, simply because I’ve never […]

Do-gooders at it again

Simply as they have fuck all better to do with their time, a bunch of bureaucrats have taken it upon themselves to discipline no fewer than 100 members of the police force for forwarding on a humorous series of pictures.The slideshow depicts a man running from police in the US. He jumps off a […]

DJ ‘Fluff’ Freeman dies aged 79

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot to say. Bye-bye to another really nice person who it was always a joy to listen to on the radio. Even Harry Enfield would have been short a couple of his better characters were it not for Fluff.Rock on!

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Further proof – bouncers are cunts

I headed to The Vic in Darwin this evening for dinner with four people from my dorm. The youngest of us was 22. The little prick on the door wanted ID from everyone. Including me. I’m fucking 33 next month.

Smug little shit he was, as well. Don’t know why. Fat, ugly, couldn’t string more […]