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For those with a weak stomach – what the fuck are you doing here? Piss off back to World of Britney.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters S, H, I and T and the number two. I encountered the world’s most amazing turd today. A floater amongst floaters. The King of Poop.


Beggars belief

This is related to a lot of what I’ve seen in recent weeks while travelling around India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In a word: poverty. And to expand on that, various peoples’ ways of dealing with it.

Sri Lanka, to be honest, wasn’t so bad. There were some beggars around, but they were few and […]


It’s funny how conversations wander in various directions. Hans and I started waffling about the Americans not bombing India yet – surprising given how many Muslims there are here, and each one a potential terrorist in Yankee eyes. And how come the US is allowed to get all high and mighty, telling everyone what to […]

Let’s pretend

The US is apparently to end warrantless wiretapping brought in after 11/9 to help “stop terrorism”. May I just say:


What they’ll do is take away the public face of it and still continue to do it. I’m no paranoia fiend, but let’s be honest – if they want to look at something, they’ll […]

Bush = cunt (again)

Hey, I’ve not had a rail against this money-grabbing parasite for a while so here we go.

First off, he’s given the OK to oil drilling in Alaska despite it being in an area heavily populated by rare wildlife. This from a president who refused to sign up to Kyoto and help reduce pollution, emissions […]