Films what I want to see

Well, having just suffered the horrors of Hannibal Rising, Smokin’ Aces and Ghost Rider, what else is on the horizon to wash the awful taste from my mouth?

Top of the list courtesy of the trailers I’ve seen recently are the following:

Spiderman 3 – I mean, wow. The trailer alone makes the last two look like badly-printed comics.
The Simpsons – I almost choked laughing at the teaser trailer.
Wild Hogs – Essentially City Slickers with motorbikes.
Hot Fuzz – The brains (the brains, the braaaaiiiinns!) behind Sean of the Dead manage to merge Miami Vice and The Bill.
Rocky Balboa – Save me. I’m sorry, but the trailer actually makes it look like it might be good.

I’m not sure on release dates for this lot except Spidey – which will come out when I’m in Laos/Cambodia. So I’ll be buying that one on a ropey DVD then…