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Great myths of our time

I should go on Mythbusters, but maybe on a smaller budget. I mean, who needs to really know if a hugh-tensile rope snapping can cut a pig in half, or if sticking a stamp to a helicopter rotor will make it fly out of control (except bad novelists and worse screenwriters).

No, we need someone […]

A happy post

You know, there’s something that will always bring a big, cheesy grin to my face no matter how bad a day I’m having (not that I’m having too many at the moment), but…

Waving to a little kid who stares at you, smiles and gives one of those kindy of wobbly waves back. Makes me […]

Tell us something we didn’t fucking know

Sky News reports that heavy metal is for intelligent people. As Ian pointed out to me when he emailed me the link – what next? Proof that listening to bumpy-bumpy dance music turns you into a drug-addled chav cunt?

5 People I’d Like To Have Dinner With

Douglas Adams – it would mean he’s still alive, and he was also a complete geek. Plus I’d really like to have an argument with someone who’s utterly pro-Apple yet who I still have a lot of respect for.Mary Whitehouse – I’d strap her in a chair Clockwork Orange-style and force her to watch hour […]

R2-D2 to collect post

How cool is this? I wonder how much they’re paying for the privilege of painting all those post boxes.