Bovril in factual cockup shock horror

I read the following on‘s Coxy’s Corner. Bovril (a meat-based hot drink from the UK) is putting little factoids on the back of current jars. One of them was the following:

“In 1994 enough Bovril drink was made to fill 90 million match day mugs.

In the same year Andy Cole became the highest ever premiership scorer with 34 goals in a season for Manchester United.”

Errr, that’ll be Newcastle United actually. Close, but no steaming hot mug of meaty-smelling beverage for the guy in the research department.

Me being me, I emailed Unilever who make Bovril. Sorry to say I don’t have a copy of that mail as it was on a web form. I am pleasantly surprised, though, to say that they replied:

“Bovril CaseID#38225#

Hello from Bovril

Dear Iain

Thank you for your email.

Well done on spotting our deliberate mistake, I have passed your comments
on to the brand managers concerned.

Kind Regards

Barbara Westwood
Consumer Advisor”

Well done to Unilver for at least making the effort to send me a message back! Let’s see if they recall all the offending jars…