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Apple in "our stuff is shit" shock horror

I fucking told you.

Use my A as a C, fucksticks

Go out. Buy these. Get them to number one. It’s better than Mr fucking Blobby anyway.

Eriksson / Alardyce

Hmmm… this following close on the heels of this tells me to say “Bolton fans, watch out”.

Whereas this tells me to go to the dictionary and look up the definition of “yo-yo”. Pathetic mackem cunts.

Bovril in factual cockup shock horror

I read the following on‘s Coxy’s Corner. Bovril (a meat-based hot drink from the UK) is putting little factoids on the back of current jars. One of them was the following:

“In 1994 enough Bovril drink was made to fill 90 million match day mugs.

In the same year Andy Cole became the highest […]

Things I wanted to put on my travel blog, but couldn’t

I’m just blogging about climing Mt Fansipan in Sapa, and it was exhausting. I’d have liked to have used the following to describe the exertion, but it’s a family-friendly blog, so I can’t. It’s a shame to waste it, so here you go:

“There was more heavy breathing than the last time I fucked a […]