Eriksson / Alardyce

Hmmm… this following close on the heels of this tells me to say “Bolton fans, watch out”.

Whereas this tells me to go to the dictionary and look up the definition of “yo-yo”. Pathetic mackem cunts.

2 thoughts on “Eriksson / Alardyce”

  1. That was rumoured over a season ago, yes. There were mixed feelings about it, in honesty. Yes, he’s worked wonders at Bolton – I’m amazed he’s leaving – and to achieve what he has with so little money spent is remarkable.

    On the other hand, he’s an ex-mackem *spit*

    Plus, if we ditch Roeder, it’s another manager who’s just not been given enough time to build a team. Look at the most successful ones out there – they all started fairly middly and improved as the years went on and they moulded their squads.

    *shrugs* We’ll see, I suppose.

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