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I am evil

I’m in Jerusalem. I’m 5 minutes’ walk from the third most important religious artifact in the Muslim world and the single most important in Judaism. I can walk to where that guy was nailed to a cross and interred in a little over 4 minutes.

And WinAmp keeps randomly selecting Deicide and Slayer tracks.


Robot Humps

I know, I know. So many YouTube posts, but this is hilarious! This robot’s so horny I think we could be related…

Boys On Wheels – New Wheels On The Block

This is what I like. People not giving a crap about how they look, who they are, what people think – just having a laugh! There are a load of other videos on YouTube of them as well. Skip the first 50 seconds if you don’t speak Norwegian…


Textbook disclaimer stickers

Textbook disclaimer stickers for people stuck in the sadder States where they insist on teaching this Creationism nonsense. As the guy says, pass them on to your kids’ science teacher. If they don’t find them amusing, change school. Or district. Or State.

Skype spam

I’ve just encountered two instances of Skype Spam. This, basically, is someone you don’t know, randomly sending you a spam message while you’re logged on to Skype. Skype’s recommendation is to “hide” yourself to all but your contacts. There’s no method to report these freaks. The two messages I got were the same, but from […]