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Fuck off you selfish bastards

It’s not even been passed into legislation yet and already a bunch of whinging twats have launched legal action against the English anti-smoking legislation citing the usual “freedom of human rights” horseshit.

Now let’s point something out – New Zealand, Australia, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland already have such bans in place and all have […]

A message to tall people

If you’re at a rock gig, don’t maneuver your way through a packed crowd just to stand in front of me. You’re over 6′ tall. Stand at the fucking back – you can see just fine and better than most from back there you bastard freak of nature. And don’t give me the evil eye […]

Birth soup

In the UK: “Currently a birth has to be registered within 42 days, but only one parent is required to do so.” This from a story about birth certificates soon to feature the dad´s name by law. How this will go down with the usual chav situation of pregnancy as a result of a huge […]

Talking to myself

I was in the car with Noa in Israel (see the Travel Blog a couple of weeks ago) and she started muttering to herself in Hebrew. It turns out she was trying to work out the best directions to get somewhere and asked if I didn’t talk to myself on occasion when I was working […]

Paris Hilton released…

…3 days into a 23-day prison sentence on “medical grounds“, only they won’t say what they are. I reckon she’s been misdiagnosed as being in hunger strike, the silly bitch is so fucking skinny. Or maybe they’re trying to cover them selves as they didn’t have a cell with the bars close enough together to […]