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What a funny old language

I’ve been around a few places recently and I’m currently nesting in France. As I’ve been around Europe a lot in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of similarities (and differences) in the languages – mainly Spanish, German, French and Italian. Don’t get me started on the Eastern European ones as I’m simply […]

Situation update and some begging

I am in Nice, France. Tomorrow I’m off hiking for three days with Delphine during which time I’ll by uncontactable except (possibly) by mobile. Hence I’m hoping to get the blog updated tonight around sending all the begging letters for the 1000 Mile Walk. And upload all my photos. And other stuff.

Fingers crossed.

Also, […]

Response from Lloyds… and my response to that!

Seems like a bit of a fob-off…

Dear Mosh,

Thanks for your e-mail about the payments that left your account.

I’ve performed an audit of your online activity and can see that on the same afternoon as you logged on, you tried to set up a payment but this was not confirmed successfully. This is […]

Looks like a month for it…

Two posts in a row, two complaints… This one to Blu-Express who were anything but express in getting me from Rome to Nice… 11 hours of delays, no staff available to tell us what was going on and an inability to stick within the EU guidelines enforced since January last year.

Basically, don’t use this […]

Overdrawn! Twice!

And it’s not my fault, honest! Well, perhaps only for forgetting I’d already set a transaction up – but when faced with an account screen which tells me that no such transaction has been set up it’s kind of understandable that I went ahead and kicked another one off. My email to LLoydsTSB (which could […]