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Is It Time To Evict Big Brother From TV?

From Sky News: “Big Brother has turned into a freak show and is dangerous for contestants, according to a group of TV critics and one of Britain’s leading psychologists.”

Well, that’s as may be. But hasn’t anyone considered that it shouldn’t return for the simple reason that it’s a load of fucking shit?

O2 are fucking cunts

The email I just sent them pretty much explains it:


I have a complaint to raise regarding your marketing. This morning I received an unsolicited call from one of your sales staff. I have never been an O2 customer and after this morning […]

Languages again

This is something that gets my goat. Partly it’s a good thing but as is typical of governments they’ve really screwed up its application. I’m talking about the possible upcoming Australian immigration exam. Part of me is very much for this kind of thing, but they just ened to iron out a lot of kinks.


Velvet Revolver – shit and greedy

Not only they utterly fucking shit, and one of the worst bands to play at this year’s Download Festival, Velvet Revolver have revealed themselves to be one of the greediest bunches of cunts this side of George Bush’s daddy’s shareholders. For the bargain price of $250 (in addition to the purchase of a concert ticket) […]

Hitlers Sheffield Utd Suffer Their Downfall

Frankly, this fucking rocks. Simple, well done and piss funny.