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I bloody hate computers

Which is inconvenient seeing as I work with them. I’ve got a brand new one sat to the desk on my left. I’ve had a similar problem with most of the batch I’ve been building – when I go to Windows Update, Internet Explorer hangs. So I close it, report the error to the dustbin […]

Pussy update

Make your own Manx cat

Just got an email from a very rushed Anni. All good news!

Ed is so fine it’s unbelievable. He is so perky, the change in him is astonishing. I cried like a baby when I saw what I had done to him – there is about half an inch […]

Underpant warning

If you’ve got the trots and can’t ever seem to wipe a piece of loo roll across your suffering starfish without it continually being smeared in brown… don’t wear light-coloured underpants.

That is all.

Message to Talia

Enjoy Black Crusade tonight, you lucky lucky lucky bastard 🙁 About the only thing I’m really gutted about being in France for. I was so looking forward to it.


Football ups and downs

OK, we might have looked lacklustre (to say the least) against Liverpool today and deservedly lost, but at least the mackems took a complete fucking at Goodison Park. 7-1. Well done, Everton!