I bloody hate computers

Which is inconvenient seeing as I work with them. I’ve got a brand new one sat to the desk on my left. I’ve had a similar problem with most of the batch I’ve been building – when I go to Windows Update, Internet Explorer hangs. So I close it, report the error to the dustbin in Microsoft’s cellar, and it pops up with a little dialogue telling me there may be some information that can help resolve this issue.

*Clicky* goes the mouse and I get taken to a page with suggestions. The first of which is to install the most recent patches for IE. Which is what I was trying to do when it crashed. But perhaps this link takes me to a page where I can download them manually? No such luck. It just loops me back to Microsoft Update and IE hangs again.


And I can’t use Firefox to download Windows updates, either. I did manage to do it once (after downloading a gazillion clag-on applications and stuff) but never since. Usually, you just get a screen telling you to use IE, which therefore does make it an unremoveable part of the OS – something that came up in one of the original anti-competition lawsuits a few years ago.

Pussy update

Make your own Manx cat
Make your own Manx cat

Just got an email from a very rushed Anni. All good news!

Ed is so fine it’s unbelievable. He is so perky, the change in him is astonishing. I cried like a baby when I saw what I had done to him – there is about half an inch left of his tail, plus they shaved his whole backside – but he is no longer racing around the house in fear. He now ‘walks tall’ instead of crawling around like commando cat, and has progressed from sleeping on my head to a more usual sleeping between my feet.

KK is also much better now she has been treated for fleas – still a bit thin on fur, but it’s already growing back.