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Funny or scary?

I know a lot of Christians. On the whole they’re nice folk who don’t piss me off by trying ton "save" me. Thanks for that. Generally, I don’t give a shit what religion someone is, as long as they realise that I don’t care and don’t want to join them.

Now, go have a look at this list of quotes people have lifted from various (predominantly Christian) websites. I’m also making a leap of judgement here, but I’m assuming American websites as well. Nobody else could be so narrow-minded and stupid.

It’s not like the cute quotes where kids say that flowers grow where Jesus walked and that kind of thing. It’s people displaying complete outright ignorance for science, technology and – worst of all – their fellow man.

Funny? Scary? I’m going for sickening. These people are prime examples of religion at its worst.

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