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King Kev II

Kev - the Return

Kev - the Return

I can’t link to any news articles as none have been published yet… but King Kev is back in the Toon!

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. The football we played under him all those years ago was certainly the best in living memory, and he’s the last manager (aside from Bobby) in many years who didn’t leave under a cloud. There’s no doubting that pretty much every Magpie loves the guy.

Yet the Premiership has moved on. Back then, we were a rarity in having a manager like him coupled with a rich, spend-happy chairman. Now that’s almost par for the course. Plus it’ll take him at least till the start of next season to gather us up a squad of his own to play that type of football – unless he can find 15-16 Bosmans.

I look forward to seeing what his contract conditions are, and the term he’s signed up for. Not that those kind of things count for shit these days. Do I sound less than excited? I guess it’s just the way things have gone over recent years – I’m not prepared to build myself up for another fall.

Fingers crossed for now. And at least he’s a welcome signing. We know the guy, we like him and that at the very least will get the Geordie crowd behind us again.

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