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Happy birthday, WWW!

Today in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee unveiled the first web browser, WorldWideWeb, at the laboratories of CERN.

Tim, on behalf of the gazillion or so people who use the internet to download tons of free porn each day – I thank you.

I had some spare time…

And I thought those days were behind me:98%ALCOHOLIC


I got a boost at the end as the last question’s a little ambiguous in my view. It depends who the people in question are… But I went for "one" on the assumption it was someone important, like one of my children.62%

This could fund my […]

UK Government in Illegal Activity Shocker

Or not so shocking given how corrupt the whole fucking lot of them are. It seems they just bribed a bank employee in Lichtenstein with an undisclosed fee (guessed at by reporters as half a million pounds). In exchange for the reddies, the dirty bugger has coughed up a load of information on accounts held […]

New Metallica album

There’s an interview with some drum tech or something paraphrased on Metal Hammer’s news section at the moment. To save you reading the entire thing, I’ve plucked one word out of it which will describe the latest opus from the once-good Metallica:


Just saved you two minutes’ reading. Aren’t I nice?

To the citizens of the USA…

To the citizens of the United States of America, in the light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today.

Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths and […]