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Six quirks

I was tagged by the delicious Lola to come up with six dodgy facts about myself which few, if any, people know. And believe me, it’s harder than you’d think. Well, if I miss out all the pervy and illegal shit anyway.

Here goes:

  1. When I think nobody’s looking, I still pick my nose and eat it.
  2. I have the least addictive personality I know. I’ve given up drinking (twice), cracking my neck, cracking my knuckles and a few other habits at the drop of a hat for no real reason other than I wanted to. Maybe I should apply it to number 1 above.
  3. I genuinely work better at night. During office hours I tend to do crap all (like now…) then start to genuinely work once everyone else has gone home. I once did a database for a company in Bradford almost 100% overnight while working from home.
  4. I have an unhealthy tendency to skip meals if I’m too busy doing something and then never catch up. The "doing something" usually involves a PC and some antsy little project that’s niggling me.
  5. The idea of having any kind of surgical procedure makes my feel faint. I’ve never had one and only once had the word "surgical" used in my presence by a doctor once, but I almost collapsed. Needles are no problem, blood donation fine, dentists don’t phase me. I can watch opeartions on the TV with no ill-effects. I just don’t like the idea of undergoing it myself.
  6. I keep starting to write books and get bored after the first 2-3 chapters.

To get my revenge, I’m tagging Damo, Babz, Weenie and Andy.

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