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Enjoy a bit of slap and tickle? Well, you’re not allowed the slap any more

At least, not if another ridiculous Labour government motion gets passed (which it likely will). As a knee-jerk reaction to a horrible news story five years ago, David Blunkett (then the home secretary) promised to ban anyone from owning “violent” sexual images. The story in case was that of a poor woman, Jane Longhurst, […]

Fed up of getting the horn?

The BBC posted a story today about taxi drivers in Newcastle being told off by the local council. They’ve been *gasp* sounding their horns instead of walking up to doors and knocking when collecting a fare. Obviously taxi drivers rarely sound their horns at silly times of night, waking you or your children up […]

Raffles and The Match-Fixing Syndicate by Adam Corres

I know the guy who wrote this, and he gave me a free copy to review so it seems fair that I give it as much coverage as I can. The original review is up on Amazon and you can get the book there as well.

Let’s be honest about two things before I start […]

What do we have to do?

I’m in the process of downloading Match of the Day from a torrent site (well, if the BBC won’t let me watch something I’ve paid for via their online system, I’ve got to resort to something). I’ve just noticed the running order and – like back in the old days – the Newcastle United […]

Seen Get Carter?

The original Get Carter with Michael Caine, that is. Not the (apparently) awful Stallone remake? Or failing that, have you lived anywhere on Tyneside in the last thirty or so years? If you can answer “yes” to either, then you’re likely aware of the god-awful eyesore that is the Gateshead multi-storey car park.

Well, […]