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Piss in a pot, win a holiday!

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In an initiative that I think is a good idea, but I’ll still take the piss out of, health execs in the North East are offering entries into a draw to win a raffle in exchange for 16-24 year-olds taking chlamydia tests. Depending on which article you read, different health […]

New Indy film online!

OK, for those of you (like me) who’ve not had a chance to catch the new Indiana Jones film, here’s an amusing Lego version which spans the quadrilogy.

I’m off to see Crystal Skull tonight with any luck. Whoop!


Bad things number 2376a

Having a colleague stand by your desk for ages, then realizing that your minimized Firefox button on the toolbar reads “Spunk Junkie”.

Almost as bad as checking another colleague’s BitTorrent for him and spotting that one of his downloads is “Tight Pink Teen Sucks Cock”.

GMail losing functionality?

I use Gmail. A lot. I like it. It’s reliable, it works and they keep adding functions to it.

Only today I’ve noticed that two functions I’ve had for some time have both vanished for no apparent reason. The first is something I’d waited ages for and was quite pleased when it arrived – the […]

Review – Iron Man

Always nice to have something to write about so why not my first trip to the cinema in months? Talia and I popped out to see Iron Man when I was over in the UK at the weekend, and a worthwhile return to the theatres it was for me. Talia knew nothing about the […]