Nationwide – partially redeemed

Nationwide International Ltd

After firing off an email of complaint regarding the handling of my request for a new credit card, I got a reply back from the Nationwide. In it they apologise for the “confusion” and confirm that they have indeed supplied me with a credit card, complete with extended expiration date.

I now only hope it arrives soon enough for me to get hold of it before I depart for Asia…

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Mad sentences

Will someone please explain how this guy is being threatened with up to 45 years in prison in a foreign country for accessing a few files that weren’t secured properly, when scum on both sides of the Atlantic are routinely given piss-poor “sentences” or left to walk free after violent crimes?

OK, so he hacked a few government sites. He didn’t sell the information, he didn’t delete it, or blow it up. He doesn’t have dark skin or wear a turban so (in US government terms) he’s not a terrorist. Yet they’re prepared to pretty much end his life in a jail cell while murderers, rapists, child-abusers and thugs walk off with a slap on the wrist.

As ever, nice to see where governments put their priorities.

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Nationwide – fucking wankers

Nationwide International Ltd

After singing their praises for long enough, I’ve had a bit of a serious issue with Nationwide. The situation can be summed up from the email I just sent them through the online banking system. This is in addition to the problem I have with their damn new card readers, which I’ve also mailed them about.

I have a serious issue with my Nationwide credit card. My current card expires end of XX/XX and I will be travelling abroad during this time.

I rang around a month ago to ask for a new card with a longer expiry date to be sent out (MBNA did this for me twice) and was told this was no problem and that the card would be in the post shortly.

It had not arrived as of this morning – as I said, over a month – so I rang to chase it up. Only to be told that it was impossible for such a card to be sent out and I’d have to wait until Aug/Sept for the system to generate a new one for me.

This places me in SE Asia / Australia with no credit card as I cannot get the card sent on to me. I don’t know where I’ll be staying or for how long, so getting a new card forwarded will be impossible.

I am already abroad, so it cost me a small fortune to ring this afternoon and chase something that wasn’t happening. And now I find that I will have no credit card from the end of September. I can’t even apply for a new one from another supplier as I’m not in a position to fill in forms!

Nationwide have *really* let me down on this occasion. Frankly, I have no idea what I’m going to do regarding this situation. It’s pathetic.

I have no idea what they’re going to do. If they can’t get another card out to my folks with a longer extension on it before the end of this month, I have no way of getting a replacement. My only other option is to shift to my secondary credit card which charges 2.9% on all foreign currency transactions, which will push up the cost of my travels just a bit.

Add this to the aforementioned concerns with their bloody personal card readers and suddenly my opinion of Nationwide has taken a huge hit.

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Bye-bye George

Fuck sign, not directed at anyone!

And don’t let the door slam on your arse on the way out.

Looks like George Bush is to visit the UK to say “goodbye” to the Queen and that other fat retard, Gordon Brown. One wonders if he’ll have to announce his arrival far enough ahead of time for us to register his credentials on a database and check his suitability for entering the country.

I’d love to have a microphone in the Queen’s meeting. I’ve always wanted to hear her use the words “Fuck off and don’t come back, you cretinous little cunt.”

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Teething problems

Apologies for the lack of regular posting but I’ve been really busy the last few days.

I’ve just installed Ubuntu on my laptop (alongside XP) and I’m tinkering with the default Firefox 3 web browser. Annoyingly, it seems that the fonts or something are slightly different than in Firefox 2 on Windows, so the title of this blog is somewhat askew. That was always something I was going to look at anyway, once I found a theme I liked.

Even more annoyingly, it’s broken the theme I have for the travel blog by dropping the final “tabbed” link at the top to a new line. Grr. Time for some fixin’…