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Nationwide – partially redeemed

After firing off an email of complaint regarding the handling of my request for a new credit card, I got a reply back from the Nationwide. In it they apologise for the “confusion” and confirm that they have indeed supplied me with a credit card, complete with extended expiration date.

I now only hope […]

Mad sentences

Will someone please explain how this guy is being threatened with up to 45 years in prison in a foreign country for accessing a few files that weren’t secured properly, when scum on both sides of the Atlantic are routinely given piss-poor “sentences” or left to walk free after violent crimes?

OK, so he hacked […]

Nationwide – fucking wankers

After singing their praises for long enough, I’ve had a bit of a serious issue with Nationwide. The situation can be summed up from the email I just sent them through the online banking system. This is in addition to the problem I have with their damn new card readers, which I’ve also mailed […]

Bye-bye George

And don’t let the door slam on your arse on the way out.

Looks like George Bush is to visit the UK to say “goodbye” to the Queen and that other fat retard, Gordon Brown. One wonders if he’ll have to announce his arrival far enough ahead of time for us to register his […]

Teething problems

Apologies for the lack of regular posting but I’ve been really busy the last few days.

I’ve just installed Ubuntu on my laptop (alongside XP) and I’m tinkering with the default Firefox 3 web browser. Annoyingly, it seems that the fonts or something are slightly different than in Firefox 2 on Windows, so the title […]