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Must move on

Grade “A” Fuckwit

I fly into Bangkok on August 1st. Leah leaves on the 3rd. I have to leave before the 6th? Why? Because George W Bush is visiting the city for two days on the 6th and the 7th. And if I don’t leave, I’ll likely end up being arrested for throwing poo at […]

Selfish footballers

We all know how tasty and satisfying a good sniff is. Or a lovely delve into the nostrils to howk out a sizeable bogey to chow down on as an aperitif. So it really annoys me that with all the starving in the world, the likes of Ronaldo (both of them), Rooney, Beckham – […]

A religious dude… who’s actually cool

Hans sent me this link to a story from the Canadian Globe & Mail. It’s about a monk who’s decided he rather like metal – he cites Megadeth and Dream Theatre as favourites – so he’s decided to form a band and play live. This year he played at Italy’s Gods of Metal festival for […]

Handy household tips no. 2412

When enjoying the skilled oral attentions of a pretty young lady (col. “getting a blow job“) do not relax and savour the moment too much. If she is to query your rapture with the phrase “Did I just hear you fucking snore?!” it is liable to result in an end of sexual pleasure for that […]

In Asia. With eyes.

I’ll play catch-up when I can, but in the meantime apologies for the dearth in posts recently. I’ve been very busy, hopping from place to place and many haven’t had internet access or I’ve just not had the time to post stuff.

I am currently in Bangkok (again), on a free terminal in a clinic. […]