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The downs and downs of being a Newcastle fan

Oh, good grief. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur last night in time to watch our 3-0 thrashing by Arsenal in glorious Technicolor. I then find out we’ve sold James Milner to Villa (properly, this time – not like that farce a year or so ago when we changed our mind at the 11th hour). […]

Another one bites the dust

The man who produced the original radio series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Geoffrey Perkins, died in a car accident yesterday. Pretty sad news, especially as I’m a huge fan of the series and also upsetting to see someone else so comparitively young (he was 55) passing away.

Life goes on. Maybe I […]

Lloyds are cunts… no they’re not

Don’t worry – I’m not confused. I’m just reporting on a story that shylady passed on to me, which is great as it saves me doing any real work. Ideal, being that I’m a lazy twat. And have just passed my Rescue Diver course so I’m about to go out and celebrate with beer and […]

Scariest hitched ride ever

I’ve hitchhiked a fair bit – mainly in the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. I’ve never had any real problems aside from perhaps not getting along too well with the person who’s picked me up, or falling asleep (which seems rude, but it’s better than them doing it). Hell, I’ve had some great experiences, […]

I am not a spammer

Fucking hell. It looks like some cunt is using my email address as the “from” address while shipping out spam. In under 5 minutes I’ve just had 102 “spam” messages drop into my Gmail, virtually every single one an “Undeliverable” or “Message blocked by our spam filters”.

So if you do happen to get […]