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Thumbs up to LloydsTSB

Yup, I complain about banks. But as ever in fairness, good and professional customer treatment deserves a mention also. Step up Lloyds TSB.

This evening I was checking my mail when I got a message from my dad with two scanned pages attached. Somehow my Lloyds account had gone over my overdraft limit. […]

Words of sense from El Tel

I never thought I’d see the day, but some reasonable and honest words from the footballing world. Terry Venables on turning down the Newcastle managerial position:

“All they could guarantee was that I’d be in a job until Mike Ashley sells the club whenever that might be. As flattered and honoured as I was to […]

Can it get any worse?

Now is not a time to be a Newcastle United fan. Good grief.

I didn’t get to watch the game last night as it was on at around 3am over here, and the only places in Bali open that late are playing thuddy dance crap and not showing football matches. From what I’ve read, […]

Today is an important day

Today is the day I change my underwear.

How come…

…people have no problem lighting up next to me in a bar. But if I drop a huge, rasping, gut-emptying, squelchy fart they look at me with disgust?

Fucking hypocrites.